Cre8tive Freedom is another act to add to the flurry of duos  making great music around the state, but this combination comes with an uncommon blend. They’re a mixture of R&B and Caribbean-Hip Hop self describing their sound as “Eclectic Soul”. They remind me of what you might get if The Fugees and Floetry had a baby. Their sound is melodic and comes across as poetry in song form. K. Ford and LP have been hard at work collaborating with producers around SC and Atlanta and are now moving to the forefront with their own music. Cre8tive Freedom’s first single “RedLipstick” explores the soulful side of the group with a slow melody and easing song lyrics bating their partner into an enjoyable evening all started by the application of RedLipstick. The record is produced by The Blacklisted and was written by Cre8tive Freedom. It’ll be interesting to hear more of the Hip Hop influence in future records by this duo especially with their lyrical ability being a strong point. “RedLipstick” is very solid for a first single check out the tune below.



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