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[Show Preview] Springfest VI Friday in Clemson


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I remember one time a couple of years ago when a Clemson student who worked at the radio station tweeted for her followers to unfollow SceneSC because “they only tweeted about Gamecock football” and something else that I can’t remember. Probably local music, but who knows. I’ve toned it back on the Gamecock football tweets, but I do feel guilty about our lack of coverage of former Clemson backup QB Chad Kelly’s rap career. He is after all the most buzzworthy artist out of Clemson at the moment.

Springfest is a free (with canned food donation) annual outdoor concert put on by Clemson’s local radio station WSBF, showcasing both local and national artists from the alternative vein. They are after-all the Upstate’s only alternative radio station. Suck it 93.3. Every year they’ve raised the bar, bringing in national acts like Megafaun, Handsome Furs, and Moon Taxi along with upcoming regional acts like New Madrid and Today The Moon, Tomorrow the Sun just to name a couple. This years lineup is on par with the last couple of years, if not stronger.

WSBF tapped the Atlanta/Nashville/Columbia pipeline for Springfest VI pulling Mood Rings, FKi, Concord America, Dams, and 10th Letter from ATL, Diarrhea Planet and Heyrocco from Nashville, and Fat Rat Da Czar, The Sea Wolf Mutiny, and Stefanie Bannister from Columbia. A solid diverse selection ranging from the gritty “step” inspired rap of FKi to the all out party rock n roll of Diarrhea Planet to the dreamy pop of Mood Rings. There’s not something for everyone, but there is a lot for some.

The internet has turned into one gigantic list, so here are my Top 10 things about Springfest.

10) If you haven’t had your first sunburn of the year, Springfest is the perfect place to get it. Take off your shirt and bake on that green green grass.

9) Bring a frisbee! Those things are flying everywhere.

8) It’s Friday afternoon. Have fun. Shotgun beers in the parking lot, just don’t get caught. Do a little recreating (wreck-re- ate-ing).

7) Todaro’s is selling beer and pizza to both sober you up from your pre fest buzz and get you drunk again.

6) You get to learn about a band and see a band you’ve never seen and probably never heard before. Music discovery rules.

5) Come and go as you please. The whole event is a laid back good time.

4) Say hello to a band. Those gals and dudes are walking around everywhere all day and they love compliments.

3) Springfest is set up perfectly where you get to see each band and artist. 

2) You’ll get to crowd surf during Diarrhea Planet.

1) It’s FREE and your cash donation or canned food goes to a good cause.

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