Brave Baby and Susto Play Low Dough Show at Music Farm

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Brave Baby with Susto at The Music Farm in Charleston May 13 $5

Brave Baby has a knack for starting off the year with a bang. In 2012 they dropped a bomb by changing their name from Wylie to Brave Baby, honing in on a more mature and less playful style of music, and solidifying a lineup that was previously erratic. The next year they followed up by releasing their debut album Forty Bells on Charleston label Hearts & Plugs. This year they took off on the Communion Music showcase tour with Johnnyswim for a series of shows up the East Coast and through the Midwest and back through Austin, TX for SXSW. Now the band is eying big plans for 2015. Brave Baby is currently at work writing and demoing songs for their sophomore album. Not yet to the recording phase of LP2, they’re still testing the waters with many of the new songs by playing them live. “Find You Out” released on our 2014 sampler embraces their ambient pop side, also giving a visual to their Charleston, SC lifestyle. The Charleston sound has long teetered between jam bands and lately the Americana leanings of Holy City darlings Shovels and Rope, but Brave Baby could easily change that with a four bagger of a sophomore release. Brave Baby is evolving into their own, with an ever-growing sense of melody, clean and precise tones on guitar, and synths that compliment and never over power. It doesn’t hurt when you’re drummer has become one of the top producers in South Carolina. In addition to recording and producing their debut album, Wolfgang Zimmerman also had his hands on the new albums from Jordan Igoe, Susto, and Octopus Jones to name a few. I guess that’s why their demos sound so good.

Coming off the release of their debut album, Susto open the show. Led by former Sequouyah Prep School frontman Justin Osborne, Susto have captured the realities of life with their latest album. Osborne has a way with words and establishes himself as not only one of the strongest songwriters in South Carolina, but one of the best wordsmiths period. Osborne’s lyrics and musical style are inherently Southern, writing about old time religion growing up in muggy swampy South Carolina country, and using vivid imagery of his life experiences and the landscape surrounding him. Osborne surrounds himself with fine musicians in Susto, with Johnny Delaware on guitar and The Tarlatan’s Erix Mixon on bass and Taylor McCleskey on drums. A damn fine group of guys playing some seriously great music.

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See Brave Baby and Susto for FREE. We’re giving away 5 sets of tickets for you and a guest along with an autographed Brave Baby CD. Winners will be contacted via email on Monday May 12.

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