Soundwaves: A Summer Introduction


Summer begins, and I am in tow, embarking on a new beginning myself as a columnist for SceneSC. Welcome to Soundwaves, a segment all about music for your summer. Explanations below. Introductions can be lame, so I will try to keep this interesting in spite of the essential formalities.

This is Kalyn (Cay-lin) typing, a poetry-dabbling, amateur piano-playing music journalist/college student wrapped into the 5’2 Charleston-bred being that is gracing your online presence. Hello there! Here’s the scoop, mint chocolate chip if we’re talking favorites. I am a junior public relations major and creative writing minor at USC, where I work on staff at the Garnet and Black magazine trying to entertain and enlighten the student body on a quarterly basis. I also have a great gig freelancing for the Charleston City Paper, where I contribute weekly to the music section and become newfound best friends with all the coolest musicians coming to play in the Lowcountry. I enjoy the beach, raiding my dad’s extensive classic rock CD collection, and spontaneous adventures…and this is where it’s starting to sound like I’m filling out an eHarmony account. Let’s move on…

Close your eyes and feel the sand between your calloused, overworked toes and the sun shining down on your 45-SPFed skin- you missed a spot. No matter. Soundwaves will be bringing you summer sounds regardless of your landlocked or cube-shaped location. It will be an eclectic conglomeration of ocean vibes, old summer classics, new 2k14 jams, roadtrip playlist suggestions, and bands playing the coastal scene right here in Charleston, S.C. After all, summer is the ultimate time to jam out to some new songs with the windows rolled down, catch outdoor concerts while the sun is sinking, and find those perfect tunes for your beach days.

I’ll kick things off with a song I can’t help but play on repeat every summer. It’s an early 2000’s classic, and who doesn’t like simultaneously making fun of and secretly enjoying boy bands?



If boy bands don’t quite get your summer sunburns tingling, then maybe this soundtrack will. The Chef original soundtrack album that was dropped on May 6 offers a new compilation of old sounds. It has 17 tracks that range from Latin and salsa to jazz and soul with a few acoustics thrown in the mix. The collection has an overarching island flavor perfect for kicking off your summer days, if you don’t mind a few all-Spanish numbers that may pose a little more challenging to sing along with. You might consider checking out Chef in theatres as well. The film, a SXSW release directed by Jon Favreau, is about a restaurant chef turned food truckie, and we all know that us Charlestonians love our food trucks!

You can preview or purchase the soundtrack on iTunes or amazon.

Here’s the album track list:

1. I Like It Like That — Pete Rodriguez
2. Lucky Man — Courtney John
3. A Message To You Rudy — Grant Phabao, The Lone Ranger and Carlton Livingston
4. Cavern — Liquid Liquid
5. C.R.E.A.M - El Michels Affair
6. Hung Over — The Martinis
7. Que Se Sepa — Roberto Roena
8. Ali Baba — Louie Ramirez
9. Homenaje Al Beny (Castellano Que Bueno Baila Usted) — Gente de Zona
10. Mi Swing Es Tropical — Quantic & Nickodemus feat. Tempo & The Candela Allstars
11. Bustin’ Loose — Rebirth Brass Band
12. Sexual Healing — The Hot 8 Brass Band
13. When My Train Pulls In (Live in Austin) — Gary Clark Jr.
14. West Coast Poplock — Ronnie Hudson And The Street People
15. Oye Como Va (Live at el Jefe) — Perico Hernandez
16. La Quimbumbia (Live at el Jefe) — Perico Hernandez
17. One Second Every Day — Lyle Workman

Let the soundwaves carry you away.



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