Soundwaves Splash

Soundwaves: Shark Bites & Sound Bites

oceanloveThe ocean is calling in a magnificent tidal wave that beckons hello. The summer sun is in full blast, shimmering across the sandy oasis before you in glistening waves that tempt your toes. A yawn escapes the breeze as it waves past your tangled, salty curls. What is in common with all elements of this scene before you? Why, a wave, that is! And why not add another wave to the list- a soundwave, that is?!

It’s nearing the end of June, and by now, the water is warm, the sun is hot, and the dog days of summer have entered full swing. Today, I am honoring my day trip to Myrtle with nothing other than the perfect beach playlist. This Spotify soundtrack is a mix of surf pop and soft rock, indie strums and electronic beats, psychedelic mirages and classic croons. Blending a few local tracks amidst radio favorites and obscure treats, this compilation will be sure to get you in the mood for a day at the beach. Enjoy!

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