After some home town dates and a couple of dates opening for Band of Horses, Susto is now in the midst of a nationwide tour that currently has Justin Osborne camping lakeside somewhere in California. Out supporting his debut album released earlier this year, Osborne hit the road solo, playing all different types of venues and capturing America (and Mexico) while out on the road.

“Friends, Lovers, Ex-Lovers, Whatever” is one of the first Susto songs ever released. The demo originally debuted on Valentine’s day a couple of years ago through Osborne’s Facebook page as a demo, but under the Sequoyah Prep School umbrella. After they disbanded, the concise farewell song became one of the signature tunes of Susto and set up perfectly for a video as you can see here.

The masterfully shot video reminisces on love, featuring a young couple and their friends along with Susto, consisting of Johnny Delaware, Justin Osborne and Taylor McCleskey, playing live. This video continues the trend of incredibly well shot and directed music videos from South Carolina this year, including videos from The Restoration, Rachel Kate, and The Lovely Few to name a couple.


CO-DIRECTORS – Jacob Kirby & Ben Joyner
DP – Ben Joyner
PRODUCER – Emily Seifert & Zach Prengler
EDIT / COLOR – Jacob Kirby
1st AC – Tucker Macdonald
2nd AC – Cristi Lyn Hahn
GAFFER – Tate McCurdy
GRIP – Jacob McKee
DIT – Ian Robinson

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