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Yosef Bids Farewell to Columbia

Photo by the wonderful Alexis Schwallier

Even at his relatively young age, Joseph “Hunter” Duncan has been a long time staple of the Columbia music scene. In his mid-teens he shone with potential, with snarling yelps and adolescent energy as he’d end up rolling on the ground at shows with his first band Kill Anties. With that raw energy I envisioned him leading a grungy 90’s revivalism band, but his sound matured for the better. His voice came into its’ own, powerful and sincere, dazzling at singer songwriters nights around town and earning the attention of many outside of his hometown. Now Duncan looks to take his talents to Music City, as he’s set for a move to Nashville to be closer to his record label and be closer to more opportunities. The timing was finally right, as the lease on his home in Columbia is up at the end of the month.

In Nashville, Duncan looks to collaborate more with other songwriters, while picking their brains and honing his own craft along the way. His ever-evolving sound looks to change even more as he moves to Nashville, brave and honest, but still true to the gutsy lyricism he’s always owned. The glossed over Run Wild EP is his most popular and valiant effort to date, but his acoustic recordings heard on Learn to Endure are snapshots with character.

Cheers to Hunter Duncan for taking his talents to a town with much more opportunity. You can only play the same haunts so many times. Yosef play full band tonight at New Brookland Tavern. If there’s anything Duncan will miss, it will surely be his backing band here, where he’s flanked by some of South Carolina’s finest musicians and performers. They are a force live. Duncan said it best in via email  “I honestly love being loud and dramatic with live shows, its from listening to too much Nirvana in the past.”


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