Soundwaves: Chasing the Rain amidst summer sunshine

ShotCharleston has a budding music scene and a lot of hidden talent that hops from small venue to small venue without ever getting much attention. Grayson Little is one of those acts, a local guitarist/drummer/singer/songwriter who plays bars when he can after he’s done working as a manager at Sky Zone.

Little has been writing his own songs based on recent experiences, like a trek he made out to Colorado with a theatre group that produces The Thorn where he spent 3 months working on set…and nannying, which I’m sure was an interesting mix. Then, his most recent piece, “Chasing the Rain,” was inspired from spending two weeks living in friend’s houses. “I wrote the chorus while the rainclouds were rolling in and I was thinking about where I was supposed to be. I mean, is this what I’m supposed to be doing?” says Little. “The reason why I picked rain is because it’s not so bright; it’s gloomy, and there’s all these trials I had to go through to get where I am now.”

The singer/songwriter has been playing the local scene for about a year and half on and off. “I play solo acoustic and then also with other people I come across like Johnny Dailey,” he says. In fact, local Little and Argo, AL/Nashville, TN country act Dailey teamed up last night at Midtown Bar & Grill for a little folky, souly, rocky rendezvous.

Little describes his sound as something between Motown and post-country, a mix of genres depending on the mood of the moment. “Chasing the Rain” definitely gives off more of a melancholic folk vibe. Check out the video for it below, produced by Thomas Brothers Productions, professional surf videographers who came across Little at a barbecue. Southern story if I ever heard one.

Amidst the shimmer of summer sunbeams, we all still need a little rain every once in a while to remind us just how bright the sun shines.

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