Soundwaves: Summer is “Waning”

AFTI’ve gotten the lovely opportunity to meet and converse with some Charleston musicians recently including some pretty amazing, go-getting soul-searching folk meets 90’s alt meets classic rock locals like Dominic and Sean Kelly of  A Fragile Tomorrow and Matt Megrue of Loners Society. There is such a source of good music coming from my hometown, and yet I am just now discovering it. That is why I have to share my discoveries and enlighten any other uninformed Charlestonians of the talent we have in our backyard.

Dominic and Sean of AFT have a lot going on right now! First of all, they signed to grammy-nominated NY label MPress Records. They also recently teamed up with producer Jim Scott who has worked with big names like Wilco, Tom Petty, Johnny Cash, The Rolling Stones and the Red Hot Chili Peppers just to name a few for their most recent single, “Waning.” You can check it out and buy it here.


Beyond those incredible feats, they are opening a recording studio in Savannah, GA this fall and are planning on recording their next album there. What?! Serious motivation.

LonersThe Loners Society is going to be recording some tracks for their next album in that same studio. Front man Matt Megrue has finally reached a groove in his project with new drummer Danny Natale on board and offering new styles and an acute attention to detail. Their latest stripped down acoustic disc King City Sessions offers from-the-heart ballads of songwriter Megrue, while the new disc is set to bring these tracks alive with some amped-up versions.

Though all this news is exciting, the best news yet is that AFT and Loners Society are teaming up (sort of) this Friday. Though it’s going to be in Greenville as part of a Loners Society gig at The Radio Room: WPBR, if you are out that way it will be well worth seeing. Brendan and Sean Kelly of AFT will be playing filling in on guitar and bass for currently unavailable members of Megrue’s crew.

king citty sessions

Can’t wait to see what other projects and collaborations are in store for our Charleston music reps! Be sure to show them some local love.

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