Soundwaves: Kevsco is Dead, Pop-Up Charleston is Born

PopUpThe word on the street is that Kevsco Alley shows are officially done for the season and possibly forever, which is quite the bummer since that little graffitied alley way has become a new favorite venue. The man responsible for all of this is Peter Spearman, who has served as humble host amongst Kevsco’s well-loved and worn walls. Spearman, like many other rent-ladened downtowners with an expired lease, has up and moved to a new location. Thus, his mission of breaking up and coming artists into the local scene has relocated along with him.

The new venue for your music fix is 6A Hanover Street, which I hear might already have a nickname as The Pink Palace. There’s already a lineup in the works, and Spearman’s first effort will be this upcoming Mon. Aug. 4 at 8 p.m. featuring two local acts. Experimental electronic Blessed Ghost, featuring local Aurora Records founder Khari Lucas, will be releasing a new album, while Kevin Venom, who is also signed to the label, will be spitting something sick, like his new single “Meditations.”


Link to Kevin Venom:

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