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WUSC Wednesdays: Ásgeir

Tonight’s Diagnosis will feature Iceland’s Ásgeir.

Ásgeir (pronounced “OWS-gear”) is an indie-folk sundae with electrified sprinkles. While he can most be compared to the Bon Iver, José González and RY Xs of the world, Ásgeir has one trait that makes him particularly endearing– his accent. I must admit at first I couldn’t stop thinking of Goldmember of Austin Powers’ series fame in the syllables that he lisps, but it’s the perfect little cherry on the sundae.

Does everyone in Iceland have these beautiful blue eyes?
Does everyone in Iceland have those beautiful blue eyes?

Ásgeir became a bit of an overnight success in Iceland when he released his first album in 2012 at age 21. It’s estimated that 10 percent of the population of his native country owns the album (granted, that’s about 32,000 people, but a record amount for the region nonetheless.)

In 2013, American singer/songwriter John Grant helped translate the lyrics of Ásgeir’s debut album so it could be released in English. The sundae that is Ásgeir actually has two cherries on top though…the other being that most of his lyrics are written by his 72-year-old father. What a sweet, delicious sundae.

To hear from Ásgeir as well as other new artists, tune in to the Diagnosis tonight at 10 p.m. on WUSC 90.5FM or online at wusc.sc.edu.

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