A Guide to 2014 South Carolina Releases

A Guide to 2014 South Carolina Releases



January 2 Avi Jacob-So Hard to Reach You Listen/Buy
January 8 IvadellThe Young Design Listen/Buy
January 12 The Dunder ChiefsKicking Rocks Listen/Buy
January 17 Art ContestMath Major Listen/Buy
January 17 Fall of an EmpireSongs of Steel and Sorrow Listen/Buy
January 28 MIDIMarcBeats in the Key of C Listen/Buy
January 30 MilieuPolypsilon, Part 1 Listen/Buy
January 31 Southern FemisphereThree Questiosn for Integrating Listen/Buy


February 1 Adam CorbettA & B Are So Far Apart Listen/Buy
February 1 MilieuThriambus Listen/Buy
February 9 T.C. CostelloShortly Thereafter Listen/Buy
February 9 We Roll Like MadmenThe Kids Must Die Listen/Buy
February 14 MIDIMarc Beats for Lovers Listen/Buy
February 20 The Ruby BrunettesWoodshed Sessions: Volume 1 Listen/Buy
February 23 AhomariPastel Youth Listen/Buy
February 24 NepotismBlack Sheep Listen/Buy
February 25 The MobrosWalking With a Different Stride Listen/Buy
February 14 Jordan IgoeHow to Love Listen/Buy
February 28 WVRMWhere All Light Dies Listen/Buy


March 5 Ali Arant-June July  Listen/Buy
March 10 Karmesiah-Darius Lusher  Listen/Buy
March 11 Muscle Memory-Yes! Always Listen/Buy
March 11 Rejectioneers-Better This Season Listen/Buy
March 16 Coppice Halifax-Snow Vessel Listen/Buy
March 24 Marrow Of EarthEP Listen/Buy
March 25 Darkentries-The Make Believe Listen/Buy 
March 25 JFS-Black Ephemera Listen/Buy


April 1 Sustos/t Listen/Buy
April 1 The Lovely FewThe Geminids Listen/Buy
April 3 ACADEMIA_ –s/t  Listen/Buy
April 4 Stefanie Santana-I Admit I Am Glad  Listen/Buy 
April 6 Kenny George Band-Gunshy Listen/Buy
April 15 Cancellieri-Welcome to Mount Pleasant Listen/Buy 
April 17 Milton Hall-Coat From Japan Listen/Buy
April 20 Coppice Halifax-Fissured Beach Listen/Buy
April 22 Savage Souls-Illnastastic Listen/Buy
April 25 Timshel-Shouldering the Rubble Listen/Buy
April 26 Two Fell in a Foxhole-Stitches and Fiction Listen/Buy
April 29 Tiger Hudson-Burn Listen/Buy 


May 1 Milieu-Polypsilon, Part 2 Listen/Buy
May 3 Barnwell-The First Ghost Listen/Buy
May 6 Brigades-Crocodile Tears Listen/Buy 
May 6 Can’t Kids-Ennui Go Listen/Buy
May 8 Mathew Lee Cothran and Delaney Mills-Failure II Listen/Buy
May 13 Grace Joyner-Young Fools Listen/Buy
May 15 Weaving the Fate-Sampla Listen/Buy
May 16 Various Artists-Mostly I Just Want to Watch My Friends Grow  Listen/Buy
May 17 fk mt.solivagant in spring Listen/Buy 
May 27 Punks & Snakes-No Swagger Listen/Buy


June 10 The Howling Man – Bier Listen/Buy
June 10 Don Merckle and the Blacksmiths-The Pugilist Listen/Buy
June 14 The Black Iron Gathering-Summer EP Listen/Buy
June 18 The Post-Timey String Band-My God My God (Montreat 2014 EP) Listen/Buy
June 24 10 Car Pile-Up-Don’t Rattle My (Nicolas) Cage Listen/Buy 
June 24 Parlour Tricks-Medals Listen/Buy
June 24 Volcanoes in the Kitchen-From the Hill Where We Counted the Stars Listen/Buy


July 1 Michael Flynn-Face in the Cloud Listen/Buy
July 8 Cancellieri-Closet Songs: A Collection of Demos and Covers Listen/Buy
July 8 Islander-Violence & Destruction Listen/Buy
July 8 Wounded Tongue-Our Children’s Throats Listen/Buy
Jul 14 Skymonk-Skymonk Listen/Buy 
July 15 NeverFall-As the World Burns  Listen/Buy
July 24 Lestro-Woof!  Listen/Buy
July 28 Tape Waves-Let You Go Listen/Buy 
July 29 Dear Blanca-Pobrecito Listen/Buy


August 1 J’Michael Peeples-Enigma Listen/Buy
August 2 Kid Trails-Out Here Listen/Buy
August 4 Shallow Palace-The Ghost That Was Listen/Buy
August 5 Salvo-No More Funerals Listen/Buy
August 6 Axattack-Toxic Wasted Listen/Buy 
August 11 Lectra Lust-Footnotes Listen/Buy
August 12 HoneySmoke-HoneySmoke Listen/Buy
August 13 Coppice Halifax-Chloroformic Forests  Listen/Buy 
August 19 Analog (Preach Jacobs & Dose)-Arrow of God Listen/Buy 
August 19 The Tarlatans-Good Luck Listen/Buy 
August 25 Shovels & Rope-Swimmin’ Time Listen/Buy
August 26 Daddy Lion-Perpetual Calendar Listen/Buy


September 8 Mel Washington-Broken Bridge Listen/Buy
Sepetember 9 Karmesiah-Pressure Listen/Buy
September 10 The Camellias-s/t Listen/Buy
September 11 Silver Screen Orchestra-s/t Listen/Buy
September 14 Coppice Halifax-Chemist Cloak Listen/Buy 
September 25 Lauren Meccia-Inside Your Eyes Listen/Buy
September 28 Solomon Glowe-Ancient Ruins Listen/Buy
September 29 Daniel Snipes-EP Listen/Buy
September 30 American GunPromised Youth Listen/Buy
September 30 Ningas Tongas-s/t Listen/Buy


October 2 Caleb(justCaleb)Dopebox Listen/Buy
October 2 Devereaux-Pineapple Flex Listen/Buy
October 2 John the Revelator-The Bees and the Flies Listen/Buy 
October 13 Kid TrailsFeels the Same Listen/Buy
October 15 WVRM-Swarm Sound Listen/Buy
October 21 Savage Souls-Sword Gang Listen/Buy
October 27 Autocorrect-i Am america sand so an yeti Listen/Buy
October 27 TweitoThe Great Story Link/Buy
October 27 NewSC-New Success Listen/Buy
October 28 We Roll Like Madmen-Hermetic Vol. 1 Listen/Buy
October 31 The LungsShelf Life Listen/Buy


Novemver 3 Les Sins-Michael Listen/Buy
November 4 GRÃœZER-Path of Buzzards Listen/Buy
November 4 Ivadell-Flow Listen/Buy
November 4 MyBrother MySister-Go Back Home Listen/Buy 
November 4 Trees on Mars-The Sapling  Listen/Buy
November 8 Beyond the Gallows-Pestilence Listen/Buy
November 15 The Fishing Journal-Feathers & Twine Listen/Buy
November 18 ET Anderson“Et tu, ____?” Listen/Buy
November 18 She Returns From War-s/t Listen/Buy
November 18 Sleeping PolicemanAnticipation Listen/Buy
November 24 Corbett AlexanderA New Dawn Listen/Buy
November 29 Richard Strater-The Pessimistic Troubador Listen/Buy


December 1 DYELWhoever We Are Listen/Buy
December 2 One Track Mind-Where is the Path to Wonderland? Listen/Buy
December 5 GlássForeign Bastard Listen/Buy
December 9 Trey MumzSouthern Gossip Listen/Buy
December 16 Half MeasuresI Think We Should Remember More Listen/Buy
December 19 Mr. GoldLittle King Trashmouth Listen/Buy 

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