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Heyrocco gears up for DIY tour

Photo courtesy of Piczo
Photo courtesy of Piczo
Jan 19 Greenville SC @ Horizon Records 6PM $
Jan 19: Greenville SC @ Radio Room 9PM (18+)
Jan 21: Columbia SC @ Blue Tile Skate Shop $Free

South Carolina’s favorite Disney Grunge rat pack Heyrocco is rounding the bases through some of the state’s favorite all ages, DIY venues – mom jeans are appreciated but not required dress.

Charleston-born group Heyrocco, Atlanta-based Concord America and Chief Scout out of Athens, Georgia are road tripping together for their shows planned up and down the coast in Philly, New York, Balitmore, D.C. and, of course, North and South Carolina.

“I think it’s gonna be a giant shitshow but I’m really excited,” vocalist and guitarist Nathan Jake Merli said. “It’s like a big family trip.”

As for Heyrocco’s Disney Grunge identity, the band combines the sweet, melodic sounds paired with the heavy, grunge mentality that it should be cranked up to 11 – the collaboration of the two makes their signature sound.

But things have changed since they met in school Jazz band 5 years ago – the music got bigger, their popularity grew and now their tours have taken on multiple continents (Europe, to be specific).

“[The tour] was incredible,” Merli said. “It was the greatest time of my life and I think each one of us feels that way.”

He mentioned that even though it looks like Hogwarts, the music culture isn’t foreign – it’s still fans getting drunk in dive bars listening to music and it’s just as awesome. But they wouldn’t have been able to take on shows abroad with the support of a strong team in the UK.

For this January’s tour they’re making their way up and down the East coast with five stops across South Carolina. During this month’s rounds they’re focusing on and supporting small, DIY venues, including the Radio room and Horizon Records in Greenville, Blue Tile Skate Shop in Columbia and Monster Music in Charleston.

Another priority for this tour came down to making shows all ages, inspired by past experiences.

“We definitely want to play somewhere all ages, because we were kids trying to go to shows and it just sucks when it’s 21 and up and I feel like we want to go somewhere where anyone can see a show,” Merli said. “We just wanted to do something different, something a little more personal.”

Even though the music has grown and the tours have stretched over seas, Heyrocco is still the same Charleston band we’ve known for years. They’re still practicing and writing in the same garage as when they banded together five years ago, so doing their rounds back around through South Carolina doesn’t change much – it’s home base.

“I don’t feel in any way superior,” Merli said. “It is really cool for people to see that someone is talking about our band – that part of it is really rewarding.”

With thought of a second album, Heyrocco is just focusing their excitement on their first record’s impending release for now. After making their way through South Carolina and the rest of the East Coast, Heyrocco is making their way to Venice Beach, California to perform and maybe get a tan.

“All of our eggs are hatching, and it’s pretty cool.”



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