With Tiny Desk Concert submissions coming to a conclusion we’ve done a little round-up of the videos including South Carolina musicians and a couple of friends of the website. Stefanie Santana hands down wins the award for most creative video, but that’s no shocker. I got to help film the Stagbriar submission and was blown away by their new song. We’ll be debuting another new song and video of their’s soon.

The Lovely Few video captures Mike’s creativity with electronics, running two iPhones through a mixer and then layering his acoustic guitar and vocals on top. Mewborne’s come along at a time where he’s embraced several quick changing generations of technology and has done it both creatively and with superb taste.

If we missed any, we’ll get them added!


So far we’ve added videos from Conor Donohue and Lindsay Holler for their song “Loose Lilacs Watltz”. We wrote a little about that song earlier this year, so go back and listen to the recorded version after you enjoy their video. The other two are from South Carolina’s two most traveling artists Mike Collins Jr. and Megan Jean and the KFB, who filmed songs out on the road.

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