WUSC Wednesdays

WUSC Wednesdays: J.D. McPherson

This week’s Diagnosis features J.D. McPherson.

OK so it’s true that back in the days of featuring five artists on the Diagnosis, I featured J.D. McPherson once before. But now with his latest release, I realize I owe this fella his own feature and not just a 2-song bit among 10.

jd-mcpherson-1200-80McPherson’s February 10 release Let The Good Times Roll is quintessential J.D. swing and rockabilly meets roots rock, but with just the right modernity. From clap-along boogey moments to piano-tapping crooning breaks, McPherson’s influences remain strong. McPherson also portrays the timelessness of song lyrics of the original rockabilly days with odes to good times, pretty ladies and lyin’ relevant to human emotion itself and not just this specific time period.

To hear from this Oklahoma native, tune in to the Diagnosis Thursday at 6 p.m. on WUSC 90.5 FM or at wusc.sc.edu.

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