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Stream the New EP from Minor Miracles


Minor Miracles new EP titled Völksen is named after the town in Germany where chief songwriter and freelance artist Mike Lowery lived before returning to the States a few years ago. This is the groups second EP since Lowery’s return, the follow-up to their excellent self titled debut. The group mixes electro pop sounds with darker subject matter for a balance that many have trouble achieving. The perfect amount of sweet to cut a bitter taste.

The EP in full is a quick listen leaving you wanting more…so you just start over again from track one. When Lowery moved back from Germany he hooked up with three old friends who help form the overall sound of the band. Matt Little, Josh Branham, and Dylan Seals, also of the band Commerce, took that bands signature indie pop sound and applied it to Lowery’s songs. They struck a perfect balance and seem to be finding their groove as a band opening shows in the Tennessee and Atlanta areas for many rising national indie rock acts.

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