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New Music: Marshall Brown Releases Rare Birds

After nearly two years of silence since the release of Through Vivaldian Colored Glasses, Columbia songwriter Marshall Brown is back with this “Rare Birds” single leading up to the release of his new album Second Childhood due out August 28.

Brown plans to release three singles over the next three weeks, each containing three songs, including two b-sides. Brown, who played out often for years has been quiet for a while now, performing live in the Danny Joe Machado band, and working hard on this record. Over the next three weeks he’s set to release over 20 new tracks. As he’s done in the past, Brown recorded everything himself in his home, with help from a variety of local musicians. The new album as well as the singles were all mastered by Zac Thomas at the Jam Room.

“Rare Birds” is a summer river anthem, as Brown sings “sitting on the banks of this dirty old river/cloggin’ up my lungs/beefin’ up my liver” may just be the best line on the album, and one lots of us river goers can relate to. In the steamy Soda City summer our secret spots on the river offer some relief from the heat and a place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city at least in our minds. This song captures that feeling.

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