SC Flood Relief Fundraiser

Maria Fabrizio of Studio Ria has donated her Wordless News illustration from yesterday as the compilation cover.

In response to the devastating flooding this weekend and into Monday, many in the Midlands music scene are banding together fundraising efforts including a confirmed show at New Brookland Tavern, a show in the works at Music Farm tentatively November 25, a local SC Flood Relief Compilation, along with other music events donating money to local charities.

While many of the details with the shows and the compilation are still in the works, here is what we know now. It looks like there are going to be two compilations, one that will be ready soon with previously recorded tracks from Midlands bands, and the next compiled at a later date featuring bands covering songs of other local bands. If you’re in a band and would like to be a part of this, email Greg at who is helping organize this compilation. There will be physical compilations printed and for sale around town courtesy of The Jam Room. They’re hoping to get previously recorded material submitted BY TONIGHT, so if you’re interested in being involved reach out as soon as possible.

If your band is interested in playing one of the benefit shows you can reach out to Alex Johnson at or reach out to me at and I’ll try and help organize that. Like I said, everything is still in the works right now, so we’re working to keep everyone informed so we can all work together when it comes to fundraising efforts.

Join the Facebook group SC Flood Relief Benefit Hub  for more info and updates.

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