Cloud Witch Live at Kittrella

Cloud Witch first show with Cookie Monster.

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Usually bands don’t want their first show filmed, but that’s not the case for Cloud Witch whose two members, guitarist Jonah Dearmon and drummer Chris Mathis, have been playing together off and on for close to 10 years. Influenced by other guitar and rhythm heavy two piece bands like Bass Drum of Death, No Age, and Savannah band Wet Socks, Cloud Witch follow in those bands footsteps with tight drumming and guitar riffs that flow together hand in hand.

With their first Demo EP Skin released in early September, Cloud Witch wrote and recorded their first batch of songs quickly, the four songs written in the month leading up to the release. The EP falls in line with the live show seen above, with vocals hidden behind a storm of guitar and pounding drums. Their garage punk sound blurs together, coming into focus with rhythm changes and memorable riffing on guitar.


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