Late last year I met with Gibbes DeLoach and we chatted about different ideas for a future video series outside of the Papa Jazz session realm. What we came up with was the idea to go to the bands, and film them while they practiced and talk to them about the creative process and what they’ve got going on. I’m sure this series will evolve a lot from this first episode, but what we tried to do is capture a band in their comfort zone without interfering too much. With Dear Blanca that was easy. The three songs you see here were all filmed in one take as they practiced for their up-coming tour and album release show on March 4th. We decided on the name Sub Rosa for obvious reasons, we’re filming what most people don’t see. This isn’t the stage show, this is something more casual. And as always for me, I’m thinking about how these videos will look in 5 years or more. Maybe one of the bands will hit it big, or maybe one of the members, but we’ll be able to look back at these as a little time capsule of a period in the bands life.