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New Music: Tall Kitchen Bag Debut “Sobchak’s Companion”

Photo provided by band

Tall Kitchen Bag, the newest addition to Charleston collective Makeout Reef, released their debut single along with announcing the release of their debut EP on tape in early 2017. That last sentence includes the news that Makeout Reef will start releasing limited runs of cassettes starting in 2017.

Originating as the solo project of Renny Hodges, the rest of the band including members of fellow Makeout Reef band Del Sur. Written by Jessie Kieve, the pysch pop song made it’s unofficial internet debut back in July, but was rerecorded over two days in the Makeout Reef living before reappearing in its new form September 30.

The Del Sur influence shines through with the running sunny guitar lines that fit nicely with the bossa feel of the song. It works well for the Charleston band, as the bossa “ah” feel has always worked well with music made on the coasts of Europe and South America. The group has self branded their style as a blend of “flossa nova” and “polar pop”, meaning, with those descriptors you’ll need to just listen to it to have a better idea of the sound. Are we talking winter in Brazil? No, but we are talking winter in Charleston for this release.

Catch Tall Kitchen Bag this Thursday, with Doctor Collins, Camel Blues Band, and Dumb Doctors.

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