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Gomec Releases Floresiensis on New Charleston Label, Real South Records

Collaborations Unlock Creativity

Gomec thrives off the variety of collaborations in latest EP Floresiensis, released by new label Real South Records in Charleston, SC. Working with a range of producers, Gomec is influenced by a differentiation of stylistic approaches while still remaining true to his original themes. The album reflects the shifts in his own life, representing changing moods, ever-evolving friendships, and the constantly cultivating thought process. Floresiensis shows that our personal relationships and fluctuations can take us down different paths and across different spheres of thought, though we can still remain our quintessential selves through it all.

Gomec’s first collaboration on the disc is with Fabric, who produces the initial two tracks. “Gnome Mage” begins with psychedelic storytelling full of profound revelations, an intoxicating cerebral pulse, and self-searching idealism. There is an attack of government, an uplifting of the modern-day rapper as a stoic bard, and an exploration of what it means to be at peace. The answer is to be alone, stay and home, and “Be a jellyfish, boneless.” But Gomec doesn’t fully approve of that notion, wavering between taking the easy road and participating in a revolution. In the process, he reveals his personal fear to engage and of what is to come. “When rap is acknowledged as disruptive technology, who will be the thief of intellectual property? Who will be the fine art anti-Christ child prodigy? It’s gotta be, well, yeah, certainly not me.”

Second track “Easy Lives,” also produced with Fabric, the disillusionment continues with an ominous introduction before a flurry of raw, dark feelings. Next track “Morlock” takes on a different sound, attributed to a new collaboration with Queen Halloween. Though still incorporating surreal elements and notions, there is more reflection here, of both the past and the self. The icy video game noise-reminiscent backdrop expands into a deep chasmic escalation, before losing itself in a chaotic instability of imploding static.

“Magmadiver” features two collaborations, guest rapper Cunabear and producer Comrade Ringo. The product is a speedy continuation of ideas with a whimsical yet heroic sonic background. “When the overlords aren’t watching, we burn down their obelisks and scream obscenities.” There’s references to the fifth dimension and a cosmic portal, grounded by rough realities, like “this time, my cat’s dead.” Little nuances, like included raw responses to each other’s lyrics are included in a clever way that creates a layer of humanity amongst lofty depictions.

The fifth track on the EP, inappropriately named “The End,” is a slower track with a more inviting sound produced by Andrew Oliver. The easygoing music is blended aptly with Gomec’s serene delivery, though the lyrics are juxtaposed. There are some deep insecurities and discoveries. “I was too afraid to play the bad guys, but I’ve been playing as a bad guy my entire life, since the first checkpoint.” Gomec does an impressive job of keeping the easygoing tone while slipping in some dark realism. “One can only eat so many rice cakes before ascribing to something like fate.”

Final official track (before a bonus cover track), “No Thanks,” is the softest on the EP, with a melodic lullaby background featuring Max Franks. This love song takes you to a sweet place after the turmoil of the previous tracks, yet there’s still a question of where this relationship stands now with lyrics “Coffee’s bitter despite the cream” and “Laugh a lot, not much to say.” This unclear imagery is combined with honeyed sentiments of soft memories and rainy day indoor serenity. The consensus is that “It’ll be alright. It’ll be okay.”

Gomec’s new EP Floresiensis will be released Fri. Dec. 2 on Bandcamp.