Wilson W. Wilson a.k.a. Tyler Morris from ET Anderson lives out his dream of interviewing Zack Mexico. He threw on his Zack Mexico shirt, lit a cigarette, and picked up the phone and dialed 1-800-GET-RICH-AND-LIVE-FOREVER. John Saturley, vocalist/guitarist of the band Zack Mexico, picked up on the other end of the line.

Wilson: Yoooooo. What are you up to at the current moment?

John: Right now I’m laying in my bed after waking up from a headache nap.

Wilson: Sweet. Sounds fun…. let’s get to this interview because I’ve been dying to ask you all of these questions for some time now.

Q U E S T I O N # 1

When we (ET Anderson) toured with you guys (Zack Mexico), you (John) showed up to a show wearing an oversized, bootleg shirt with Michael Jordan’s face, which was comprised from hundreds of tiny Michael Jordan faces. What’s the wildest thing that you’ve ever bought from a gas station?

::::MJ Shirt Pictured Here::::

John: The wildest thing I’ve ever bought from a gas station is bottles of liquor. When I lived in California working the weed farms, I bought liquor at the only store around, the gas station. For me, it’s wild cause NC only sells in liquor stores.

Q U E S T I O N # 2

Wilson: If Zack Mexico could travel with Hot Tub John, where would you go & why?






<— ET Anderson bassist, Hot Tub John





John: If Zack Mexico could travel with Hot Tub John, we would not hesitate to penetrate the firmament and join the illuminati in celestial confidence.

one of the first photos that came up when I googled “celestial confidence”

Q U E S T I O N # 3

Wilson: 2016 has had a bunch of great albums come out. Beyoncé (Lemonade), Drake (Views), Frank Ocean (blond), Kanye West (Life of Pablo), David Bowie (Blackstar), the Hamilton Soundtrack, Radiohead (A Moon Shape Pool)…. What’s been your favorite albums of 2016?

John: I can only speak for myself, but I’ve been enjoying various John Maus music videos and albums. “Bennington”, “Streetlight” and “Cop Killer” being a few favorites. I’ve also been enjoying Laurie Shaw “Yellow Rays”. The Flying Burrito Brothers “Hot Burrito #1”. Pissed Jeans “King of Jeans” Black Marble and lastly Getz/Gilberto The only 2016 release I was up on was Swans “The Glowing Man”. I’m not a front-runner for new music. I mostly listen to my own music cause I’m constantly recording and mixing. But I still have waves of listening to favorites.

Q U E S T I O N # 4

Wilson: Also, I’m curious… as a master of corners, what’s been Matt’s (guitarist of Zack Mexico) favorite street corner of 2016?

John: Matt’s downstairs right now and I’m too lazy to ask him his favorite corner. Let’s say the corner of White/Morpheus.

>>>>>>>>>> word up. <<<<<<<<<<

Q U E S T I O N # 5

Wilson: What’s in the works over at Zack Mexico Industries? Unveiling any new products soon?

John: Zack Mexico industries is about to release a new t-shirt designed by our homie, Lurch. I don’t know if anything else is happening. I basically live under a rock/bedroom studio. We haven’t talked about any plans to do any things for any stuff, ya know. But I can tell you I would like to put out a ZM album that is made basically like a compilation of music made by our band members independently. We all dabble in our own personal creations and style and I think a mix mash would make for an interesting ride through an album.

Q U E S T I O N # 6

Wilson: Quick Fantasy Scenario: The world is ending & I have thirty seconds to fit three Zack Mexico songs on my iPhone (because my memory has been overtaken by my severe addiction to buying apps..) What three songs would Reed Frost recommend?

John: The three ZM songs you will want to have are “Apocalypse”, “Spacetrash”, and “Too Late” from R.O.O.M.A.D. album.

F I N A L • Q U E S T I O N

Wilson: You have the floor. Say what you anything you want to say in two sentences.

John: Since I have the floor, I would like to say to all people: I respect you, I love you, and I wish you well. I want only to earn your respect, your love, and your friendship. CAUTION! I won’t do it with a fake smile on my face. So watch out for those sneaky rats who smile in your face and stab you in the back. And maybe give that sad boring looking loser a chance instead. Peace.

::::: Z A C K :: M E X I C O :::: photo by Makena Granger :::

Zack Mexico plays Saturday, December 10th at New Brookland Tavern with ET Anderson (7″ vinyl release show), Secret Guest, and Jphono1.

-Doors open at 730 pm / $7 all ages. You receive a free copy of ET Anderson’s new 7″ vinyl split via Sit-N-Spin Records.
Here’s Zack Mexico’s latest video for”Suzuki” from their latest album, “Get Rich and Live Forever” >>>>>>>>>>>