Beach Sex Live at Tree House Castle

Cartoon by Ronnie Gunter

It didn’t take long for Beach Sex to be noticed in their local scene. If it wasn’t the name that stood out most, it was the black ski masks, but watching them live all that goes away as you’re listening to tightly knit songs about “avoiding responsibility, making bad choices, beach babes, and hangovers” as the band says.

It wasn’t long ago when Beach Sex had their first practices and started exploring what they’d be as a band. They focused on what they call the “Charleston sound”, then infused their own punk energy and DIY mentality. It’s a sex, drugs and rock n roll vibe meets indie rock band, with some of it feeling tongue in cheek. For Beach Sex it works, with smart and intricate guitar work and pounding rhythm and drums they’ve found a new angle on a broader sound. As for that “Charleston Sound” it is changing rapidly lately, in that it’s broadening its scope and Beach Sex is a part of that.

They currently have a 4 song EP in the works, with 2 more songs recorded that they’re shopping for a split EP.


Audio: Grant Tyler
Video Editing: Danielle Dickens
Video Operators: Danielle Dickens, Brooke Gillen, Haley Briggs

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