Photo by Bree Burchfield

It’s safe to say Art Bar Agora was a success with ET Anderson’s Broken Local Scene performing to a packed room at Art Bar as the headliner. To follow-up our first video released prior to the show we have “KC Accidental”, performed and recorded live in the Art Bar backroom a week before.

Beloved house show venues come and go in Columbia as we’ve seen over the years, and it appears The Videodome’s days are numbered, or so says the Facebook event. There’s no reason to worry too much, a new and exciting house always pops up to fill the void. And as we’ve seen in the past, it’s at these shows where some of the best up and coming bands come to town, and where some of our finest local bands start out. The show Thursday night features a host of great bands, including Modest Midas from Los Angeles, along with Infinitikiss from Charleston, and two Columbia acts in Numbtongue and Plaque. Why does this get the mention here? Well, Plaque features four of the members seen in this video including Marcy and Max of Ugly Chords, and Wilson and Michael Crawford of ET Anderson. It’s self-described as a noise project, so it’s a slight branch out from their core projects, and the Broken Social Scene cover heard here.

Photos by Bree Burchfield

ET Anderson’s Broken Local Scene @ Art Bar Agora 2017

Photo by Zach Santiago

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