Florida Man’s debut self titled EP comes out Friday, May 26 with the release show coming June 2

The debut release from Charleston band Florida Man comes out swinging on the opening track “One Last Hit” and it doesn’t let up from there. With each song there’s an unbridled energy that pumps through the guitar riffs, pounding bass and drums, and topped off with manic vocals. With the instruments recorded in only an eight-hour session at the Jam Room, they captured a live energy that bands strive to find. The vocals came later, recorded and fueled by beer at Riot Stares/False Light‘s home studio in North Charleston.

Made up of members of former bands Gifts From Enola, No, Drunk Couples, and Fiasco, the four-piece started in November 2016 around Andrew Barnes and some noisy guitar riffs he’d been working on after spending some years away from music. Flowing from a punk vein, the sound they found on their debut EP was unplanned. It’s often that way with new bands, not so much we’re gonna get together and sound like Fugazi or some 90’s West Coast punk. It came from riffs, and the bonds that each member have with each other. Barnes and bass player CJ DeLuca, who hadn’t played bass before this band, had already played together for nearly 12 years and share a sort of telepathic music language with each other.  Add in Jon Peace on drums who further evolved each song and Jim O’Connor who was ready to start a new band after his band No had broken up, and all the parts just fell into place. Sometimes it’s that easy for bands to come together over a beer at the bar.

This self titled release blows off steam. It vents. It’s like going out for one night and losing days in a blurry haze. It’s manic and it doesn’t settle down. It’s Florida Man’s first unconstrained release. It is Florida Man after all, completely unpredictable.