Prior to their show at New Brookland Tavern in West Columbia while on tour with Valley Maker, I sat down with Amber Joyner and Camille Rhoden, duel keyboard players for Charleston band Grace Joyner. We talked both about their personal style, their style inspirations, and how they decide what to pack and wear on tour.

Can you introduce yourself to those who may not know who are or what you do?

I am Grace Joyner and I am a musician based out of Charleston.

I am Camille Rhoden. I live in Charleston. I am also a musician. I play keys and I sing.

Grace: And we play together

Camille: We play together and in other music projects as well.

Photo by David Stringer at Summer Shindig

You two are some of South Carolina’s most fashionable musicians. How would you describe your style?

Grace: I really appreciate really classic pieces but as of recently I’ve been getting into bold prints and jumping out of the norm for me. I got stuck in this pencil skirt rut for a long time, it worked but I wanted to start expanding. Constantly evolving I guess would be the answer.

Camille: I feel like my style is pretty simple as well. I have to be comfortable. Everything I wear has to be comfortable. It may sound kind of silly but I make my decision based off what am I comfortable wearing on stage because if I’m not comfortable it’s distracting. I wear just simple outfits. It’s funny because I wear a lot of pants and I’m wearing a skirt today.

Grace: And I usually wear skirts and I’m wearing pants today.

Camille: Always comfortable shoes.

How do you decide on what you’re wearing on show days or on tour? Do you have a process?

Grace: I think it’s based spatially. You have to get creative. You can’t pack many different outfits for every night. You need to have some pieces you’re recycling and wearing in a different way. Pieces you are wearing more than once. Trying to find simple classic pieces that you can wear in one way and change it up and still wear it the next day. You have to be practical in the way you pack on tours. For shows, if it’s just a weekend you can get a little more creative.

Camille: It’s pretty much the same for me. Wear a lot of black.

Grace: Black and red are the big ones.

So you’re moving back to and living in Charleston along with being in Columbia often for shows do you have any local places you love going to shop or buy pieces?

Camille: Honestly not really. I’m so busy that I don’t have time to shop. I surprisingly gotten great hammy downs from friends and family. I’ll buy stuff but still go to the older pieces all of the time. I don’t really have a lot from this store but WorthWhile is my favorite.

Grace: I love WorthWhile, If I could shop there more I would. It’s more of high-end really simple and neutral pieces.

Camille: A lot of Rick Owens, They were one of the first stores in the U.S, to carry Rick Owens.

Grace: It’s really curated and minimal, the way they set up the store.

Camille: oooo and Billy Reid, If I could just have a whole wardrobe of Worth While and Billy Reid I would be set.

Grace: I also heard that they opened a Club Monaco in Charleston. Now that I will be living there I think I will be shopping there a lot.


Have you always been into fashion or would you say being a musician and playing shows has gotten you more into your style/fashion?

Grace: I’ve always worked retail. I’ve worked with American Apparel for a really long time. I was in a position where I kind of  had to be on top of my appearance. So I think working for them for so long definitely introduced me to that world. I like to think shows give me the opportunity to take it to the next level. Where as everyday I couldn’t. It’s nice to explore. The other night I wore these bright red pants and was really insecure about it I feel like in that situation it worked and they’re great pants I’m going to wear them a bunch.

Camille: I would say yes. I’ve always been really interest in fashion and the fashion industry but not so much from personal style especially high fashion. I just looked at other people especially my mom.

Grace: Oh yea her mom has so many shoes it’s insane and they’re all so cute!

Camille: Well my mom is from Belgium and she speaks French so we had this ons satellite TV with a French TV station during the day that we would watch all the time and it would show fashion shows. I would just sit there as a kid watching fashion shows and being like that’s beautiful art. It’s only been recently that I’ve taken interest in more of personal taste.

Is there an album or specific artist that does or has had an influence on your style at some point?

Grace: I think Feist, I’ve always really liked her style. She’s gorgeous and always has the really classic and minimal look. I do like Taylor Swifts style to be honest. It’s so good and always looks so great. I appreciate her style.

Charlotte Gainsbourg and St. Vincent for sure.

Camille: Yea, St. Vincent for sure. She’s just so cool. She wears such elaborate things or just t-shirts and jeans and rocks both.

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