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Coming off their 2016 debut album El Clàsico, The Young Step return to Tin Roof Charleston this Tuesday night. With the psychedelic feel of Jimi Hendrix, the quirkiness of the Talking Heads, and the soulfulness of Janis Joplin they find new ways of grooving in each song. Whether it’s the whistling hook in “Nature Man” or the more rock guitar driven “When I Was Young”, the North Florida band seem to thrive in their diversity.

We caught up with Ben Whitson, who directed the video for their song “Nature Man” about the convergence of that process. “When writing a song I’m not always sure what it means or is about at the time. It’s an intuitive process that starts with a simple idea and then has a mind of its own that I try to get out-of-the-way of and let develop,” Ben says. “When approaching a music video for a song, it starts with finding out or remembering what the song is about, what the spirit or energy of it is, and then asking how we can interpret it on screen. So for me it’s kind of the second stage of one creative process.”

The Young Step play Tin Roof Charleston 8/2 at 9:00pm, 21+ $5.

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