Secret Guest and ET Anderson Launch New Record Label APT

Secret Guest and ET Anderson Launch New Record Label APT

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Secret Anderson with Jenny Besetzt, Wing Dam, Elim Bolt


New Brookland Tavern (8/3) // The Royal American (8/4)

What About It:

These shows serve as the launch parties for APT, the new record label started by ET Anderson frontman Wilson W. Wilson and Secret Guest’s Brett Nash. For each show two members of ET Anderson (Michael Crawford, and Wilson Wilson) will join Secret Guest as they perform a set featuring songs of each band.


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What better way to debut their new record label than to combine bands and play a short run of dates? That’s just what frontmen Wilson W. Wilson of ET Anderson and Brett Nash of Secret Guest, the founders of new South Carolina record label APT, have done. Secret Anderson will take the stage in three of their stronghold cities in Columbia, Charleston, Raleigh, along with a show in the Outer Banks promoting each show as launch parties for APT.

Dorian Filming No Buzz at Hopscotch 2016

The timing for the label works out well, with the launch coinciding with the debut video and single from Secret Guest’s upcoming album Dry Jest due out September 1. The video for “No Buzz” was directed by Secret Guest bass player Dorian Warneck, who now serves more as the honorary bass player since his move and subsequent start of his new production company Person People. We were lucky to debut “No Buzz” twice before, once via a Papa Jazz session and then the recorded version on our 2017 Sampler.

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