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Pablo Session: Watch Apricot Blush Perform “Antlers”

Watch Apricot Blush perform their song "Antlers" live at SceneSC HQ.

I think Apricot Blush might be the only South Carolina band with three members who can play the singing saw. Not positive on that, but I’d bet on it. Led by Jackson Wise, Apricot Blush, much like many of the other Pablo Generation bands share members with a host of other bands in the collective like Prozac Dreams, Beach Bug, Daddy’s Beemer, and JS Terry. They’re dynamic live, bringing Wise’s emotional folk songs to life. Wise, who also plays bass in Beach Bug, gives it all to each song along with members Mike Robbins on bass and Jonah Terry on banjo, those three performing together are electric live.

For our Pablo Session Robbin’s moved to singing saw. Apricot Blush is currently recording their next album, but you can catch their other band Prozac Dreams opening for Diarrhea Planet Saturday August 26th at The Radio Room.