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When: Thursday September 14 at Main Street Public House, Columbia, SC

What About It: The High Divers return to the road after an accident derailed them mid-tour earlier this year. They have a new album on the horizon.

It’s been a tough year for The High Divers to say the least. After a horrific life-flash-before-your-eyes wreck in Arizona mid-tour this summer, the band returned to the lowcountry to heal. The music community in Charleston and beyond opened their arms to help them out, hosting a fundraiser at The Royal American to get them back on the road. The High Divers persevered, booking close to three months worth of dates and taking their show back on the road. Then hurricane Irma hit. While only one show had to be cancelled, some family members are dealing with flooding and damages from the storm.

When we last caught up with The High Divers we were at SouthSounds Music Festival in Mobile, Alabama. We were there covering the festival and they were there performing, but on the way they stopped into put the finishing touches on their upcoming album that was planned for this Fall. The accident derailed those plans as well, and now their upcoming album looks to have a Winter release, possibly January. This tour gives The High Divers a chance to catch up on the opportunities they lost after their accident, and get back on stage to do what they love doing. And maybe even play a new song or two from their upcoming album.

Check out The High Divers WSBF Session performing a cover of “True Love Will Find You in the End” written by Daniel Johnston.

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