[Pablo Session] Watch Wallpaper Perform “Airstreams”

On his album Twisted with the Daisies Tayler Bucich, who performs as Wallpaper, sounds like he’s in an early morning dream on the albums ninth track “Airstreams”. It very much has that sun dripping through the blinds, roll out of bed, pick up your classical guitar and pick out a song feel. It’s often these moments when great songs roll out, but are rarely captured.

Joined here by J.S. Terry frontman Jonah Terry, the rolling lead guitar parts heard on the recording are covered nicely by Terry’s accented playing.

Catch Wallpaper live later this month at Pablo in Clemson or at Quest Brewery March 24th.

Watch Wallpaper’s first Pablo Session performing the title track of their latest album “Twisted With the Daisies”. 

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