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What: Great Grandpa

Where: Neighborhood Theater/ Charlotte, NC

When: Monday, February 26

Tickets: Purchase here


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Slack rock band Great Grandpa is on tour now with Diet Cig & The Spook School, a tour that began in Buffalo, NY three weeks ago and this Monday 2/26 they stop by Neighborhood Theater in Charlotte, NC.

We talked to Great Grandpa’s guitarist Dylan Hanwright prior to their Charlotte show. This will be the band’s first time in Charlotte, but not North Carolina. “We’ve played Carrboro twice before this tour at Cat’s Cradle and had a blast each time” said Hanwright. “Carrboro is definitely one of those pleasant surprise cities.” Spending so much time in a van on the road Hanwright said “Aside from our usual rotation of 80’s and 90’s radio hits, we’ve been enjoying the new Palm record, Phoebe Bridgers, Laura Stevenson, and a whole lot of Sufjan Stevens.”

Coming up from the Seattle DIY scene, Great Grandpa formed in 2014. “Local scenes are completely vital in my eyes” say Hanwright.  “Understanding DIY ethics, learning to book shows outside of the often intimidating club/bar circuit, seeing the need for all-ages, inclusive spaces, and just making music for the fun of it are all huge parts of growing as a musician. To have a community where you feel that you belong as a musician helps nurture your musicianship and build the confidence to put your music in front of people and be vulnerable.”

Great Grandpa’s first release was their EP Can Opener that they put out on Philly based independent label Broken World. “Seattle’s scene has been incredible to us from the start, but we’ve always had a love for the east coast scene, since we put out our first EP on an east coast label and that’s where our music started to spread more” says Hanwright. Plastic Cough, Great Grandpa’s debut LP, came out last July. “A good chunk of the songs on Plastic Cough were written around the same time as Can Opener, and we had been playing them live for a long time before finally recording them” says Hanwright. “I think that helped us really settle in on how we wanted the record to sound, and we had grown really attached to the tunes.”

Check out the music video for  “Teenage Challenge,”the first track off Plastic Cough, that just came out this January.

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