Live from Wrigley Field

Watch She Returns from War Perform “Dream Machine”

Watch She Returns from War Perform “Dream Machine”

In a new video series out of Charleston called “Live from Wrigley Field”, Joe Chang of Gold Light looks to bring both touring musicians passing through and local acts to his RV nicknamed “Wrigley” for a unique live session. The name for the series makes sense, maybe confusing to Cubs fans and baseball fans alike at first that these take place in North Charleston and not the Wrigleyville neighborhood in Chicago, Chang’s Winnebago has a W on it much like the Cubs fly when they win. Add in of course that Chang is a fan.

Chang’s inspiration for the series came from making a Tiny Desk submission and seeing like-minded video series like SceneSC’s Live from Papa Jazz sessions and B-side sessions in Charleston. As a touring musician himself he knows the ins-and-outs of being on the road and the importance of having these types of things to do on tour, especially for up-and-coming acts to help promote themselves and make connections in each town they visit.

For the first session Chang chose She Returns from War who has a highly anticipated album coming out this summer. In this session they perform “Dream Machine”, the latest single from Mirrored Dance Hall. This session features Hunter Park front and center, but also JP Chapa, who usually plays drums, on guitar and Camille Rhoden on keys. The beauty of these kinds of sessions is that they show a different side of the band, offering them the opportunity to show an alternate version of a recorded song. That’s the case for “Dream Machine” which can be performed in a variety of manners, like it is at a live show, on the record, and then the laid back version seen here.

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