With their self titled EP due out July 13, Real Work debuts “This is a Lie”, the fourth song off the upcoming self titled album. The band’s previously songs on our 2018 Sampler, debuted the single “Numb Mind” along with a video, and then released “My Soul” on June 1.

Leading up to the release of the EP, Real Work’s debuted a series of minidocs giving a glimpse behind the band and how they came to be. Formed of five members who know their way around the music scene, it’s given them more of a vision with this project. They’re focused and more careful with their time. This time around they make more thought out decisions when it comes to touring, releases, and recording. Not only because they’ve been there before, but because their free time is more precious now. The family aspect, and what a huge part of their lives that is, is part of who they are as a band.

Lead by Kenny McWilliams and Chad Rochester — both former members of Baumer, a beloved Columbia band who teased at national relevance — that band opened the door for McWilliams to open his own studio, Archer Avenue. That’s where this band started for those two, eventually changing from a studio project to a live band with the addition of former NEEDTOBREATHE drummer, Joe Stillwell, and Christian Tyler and Brewer Eberly.

Catch them live after the release of their debut EP at one of the dates listed below.

7.13 – Charleston, SC
7.14 – Columbia, SC
7.20 – Greenville, SC
7.21 – Charlotte, NC

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