Love Apple
New Brookland Tavern
June 16, 2018

Close to 15 years after they disbanded, Love Apple reunited for two more shows, one in Myrtle Beach and one at their old stomping ground New Brookland Tavern. For many, it brought back a slew of memories and pulled old friends together in what used to be their go to spot. For others like me, it gave me a chance to see a band that gave me my first glimpse of the Columbia music scene all those years ago.

As shaky as reunion shows often are, especially with local bands, Love Apple didn’t end up falling into that trap. They were sharp, loud, and gave the crowd what they wanted even bringing back their signature cover of Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up.” After a long set that included everything a Love Apple fan could want to hear, and even some songs that didn’t make it to their lone full length record, they closed the night with their hit song “Winnie Cooper”, putting nostalgia on top of nostalgia closing with the song referencing a character from the best television show ever Wonder Years.

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