Indie Grits Labs Session

Autocorrect Live at Indie Grits Labs

Autocorrect Live at Indie Grits Labs

In our third installment of our sessions at Indie Grits Labs we brought Numbtongue, Slvsh, and Autocorrect over the first weekend of June, 2018. This time around we looked to expand on our first two sessions with the talented Katly Hong there to do live sketches and Pedro Lopez De Victoria on board to help expand on the sessions with some upcoming surprises and an interview with the band.

We looked forward to seeing how Autocorrect’s live set would translate to this setting. With live performances that are intense and match their emotionally driven lyrics, the synth heavy hip hop group combine a variety of musical elements that pushes past genre labels.

Curated by David Stringer and Pedro Lopez De Victoria

Videographers: Leslie Leonard and David Stringer

Edited by Leslie Leonard

Illustrations by Katly Hong

Sound by Cecil Decker, Chris Johnson