With a busy upcoming schedule that includes shows at Extra Chill Fest, Jam Room Music Fest, and a day party at Hopscotch Music Festival to name a few, we stopped into the Niecy Blues/ET Anderson rehearsal space to film a few videos for our Sub Rosa series that showcases bands in their practice space. With help from Grant Tyler, who was the audio engineer for this session, we captured a series of songs showcasing Niecy Blues raw talent and chemistry with her live band ET Anderson.

“Ways” is the first of four videos we’ll release over the coming weeks, culminating with a full performance video. “Ways” is easily Niecy Blues most recognizable song so far, heard frequently at the Nickelodeon Theatre before movies, and shared throughout the South Carolina music scene, and accompanied by an excellent video released in April.

Niecy Blues live with ET Anderson offers a contrast to the recorded versions of her songs produced by Contour, adding a subtle pysch-rock edge to live performances.