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New Music: Atlas Road Crew Release Single “Smoke and Mirrors”

Watch the lyric video for Atlas Road Crew's new song "Smoke and Mirrors" from their upcoming album Chasing Fire.

New Album Chasing Fire out 8/31

A band who started in the bars of 5 Points in Columbia, South Carolina coming-up on a decade ago turns the corner on their new album Chasing Fire, establishing a new polished and soulful sound. 

It’s this kind of growth you hope to see from a band on their sophomore record. Often known as one of the most difficult to write and record for a band, Atlas Road Crew avoided the pitfall of rushing it out on the back of their successful debut album Halfway to Hopkins. That album, which was rooted in a southern rock vein, took the band up-and-down the east coast and to Europe along with gaining them a loyal following. Their debut release especially captured the band’s live energy, and truly captured the era of the band.

The upcoming album Chasing Fire takes the turn for the next era of the band. With the debut of “Smoke and Mirrors” here, Atlas Road Crew show a side of the new album that burns low and slow. Grooving with bass and drums accompanied by a keyboard hook, the song grabs you off the bat showcasing frontman Taylor Nicholson’s smooth and quivering vocal delivery. 

For this album the band teamed up with local producer Wolfgang Zimmerman at Rialto Row who’s notably been at work on the new Band of Horses record recently as well working with Jump Little Children. For those that are familiar with his work, his production touches are easy to hear. And from bands who have worked with the producer before, they don’t hesitate to note what he brings out in them at his studio Rialto Row.

Atlas Road Crew celebrate the release of Chasing Fire with a show in Columbia September, 7 at The Senate. 

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