After taking some time off from the music scene after the disbanding of her former group Kemp Ridley Cayla Fralick is back with a new single from her forthcoming full length album. Performing under her own name takes Fralick back to her roots and how she performed before her college band. With the return to her name though, Fralick didn’t strip back her music, but rather took a huge step forward with “Some Hotel” both lyrically and with the overall production and songwriting. Recorded at Archer Avenue Studio with producer Eric McCoy, this song captures something deeper lyrically with Fralick’s voice surrounded by spatially aware drums and a soft bed of synth. She’s joined by McCoy on guitar, along with her former bandmate Cam Powell (Dear Blanca) on bass and Josh Kean (Baumer) on drums. This song, along with other songs performed live recently make Fralick’s upcoming album highly anticipated.

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