Indie Grits Labs Session

Numbtongue Live at Indie Grits Labs

Numbtongue Live at Indie Grits Labs

With our fifth installment in our live at Indie Grits Labs series we had Numbtongue in to perform songs from their latest release Exhumation along with their song “Joyboy” off our 2018 SceneSC Sampler. Filmed in summer of 2018 at Indie Grits Labs of North Main, this was shot as the first of three sessions over a weekend that featured young indie rockers Slush and electronic leaning rap group Autocorrect.

Numbtongue can be hard to pin down stylistically. Fueled by Bobby Hatfields piano and deep lyrics, their music moves between sometimes chaotic scenes and delicate moments,  hooked together with repetition. These videos give an up close glimpse into the intensity of Numbtongue’s live set.

Catch them at 10:15 on Saturday at Trustus Theatre performing at Free Times Music Crawl.

Numbtongue live at Indie Grits Labs in Columbia, SC.

Videographers: Leslie Leonard, David Stringer

Editor: David Stringer

Ilustration: Katly Hong

Sound: David Stringer, Bobby Hatfield, Kenny McWilliams

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