New Music Monday

New Music Monday: SUSTO, John Bias, Cry Baby and More

New Music Monday: SUSTO, John Bias, Cry Baby and More

John Bias

When we saw John Bias last August they were bouncing around onstage as a three-piece in what looked like painter suits. Now they’re back with a new song “Composition with Red, Blue and Yellow” produced & engineered by Khari Lucas. Featuring a slew of talented Charleston musicians, the song bounces around in a time signature that’s not easy to place, landing somewhere in the indie rock jazz sphere.


Susto released two new songs off their forthcoming album Ever Since I lost My Mind due out 2/22 on Rounder Records. They both go in a different direction than the lead single “Homeboy” which featured grunge driven guitars and a big chorus, leaning more on the laid back thoughtful side. “If I Was” floats like a daydream, while “Está Bien” is a latin ballad that Osborne penned and sings entirely in Spanish.

Cry Baby

Listening to the first three songs Cry Baby’s released , you’d never expect they formed out of a more punk oriented band called Butterfly. Cry Baby harkens back to pop songs of the 80’s and 90’s, think Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown, and Mint Condition. While “Boyfriend” and “Energy” are songs that will instantly get the party hopping, “Just Friends” is more of a slow burner. They take their pop music seriously, and it’s led to three songs that are undeniably catchy.

Brother Oliver

“Coffee and a Cigarette” isn’t a new song for Brother Oliver. In fact, it’s one of their oldest songs that fans always request at shows. As frontman Andrew Oliver says “It’s become an anthem for the BO faithfuls because it’s an anthem for life.” Now fans have it recorded which brings everything full circle for the band.

A Fragile Tomorrow

With their new album Generation Loss out February 22 on MPress Records, Charleston band A Fragile Tomorrow release “Circling” off the upcoming album.

“I was listening to the Next Day record from David Bowie and there was a song on there with a really fast-paced groove that almost had elements of dance and electronica,” lead vocalist Sean Kelly shares. “It kind of clicked that we should take this in a similar direction, so we did.”

Tolan ft. Okeke

This new track popped up in our DM’s this week featuring local artist and UofSC student Okeke. Coming out of Lagos , Nigeria, Okeke dropped a mixtape in 2017, and several tracks since on Soundcloud. “True Form” was produced by multigenre producer and musician Tolan.

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