SceneSC Live Session: Gold Light and Snakemusk

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After teaming up last year over a mutual love of Hank Williams and The Everly Brothers, Joe and Beau aka Gold Light and Snakemusk are now focusing on their first album together. The duo quickly expanded into a five piece band, that’s played across the Southeast over the past year. We caught them in-between dates passing through Columbia one Saturday afternoon to record a few songs in a warehouse space located behind The White Mule in Five Points.

Gold Light and Snakemusk are currently crowdfunding their debut release on vinyl, and are almost half way there with 10 days to go. Check out our latest videos of them performing as a duo and donate to their campaign. This will also be the first release on Joe Chang’s (Gold Light) new record label Bailey Park. Chang also curates the Live at Wrigley Field sessions, hosted here at SceneSC.

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