Wolfgang Zimmerman with Invisible Low End Power kicked off a stellar three band bill at New Brookland Tavern Thursday night that included North Carolina’s Zack Mexico and Columbia locals Dear Blanca. In truth, this was a three headliner bill, with Zimmerman’s band being an all-star lineup of Charleston musicians filled with members of Atlas Road Crew, Susto, Persona La Ave, and Brave Baby. Both Zimmerman’s band and Zack Mexico featured two drummers and not in a gimmicky way. It’s the first time I’ve seen that back to back in any setting, let alone a local Thursday night show. Zack Mexico is the best band in the Carolinas. I feel confident in saying that, and the only argument I’ll hear about them not being that is that their pysch jam outs might last too long for your comfort level. That might not be for you, so let’s settle on that they’re the best band in the Carolinas that play outside the “box”. Dear Blanca has settled back into being a four piece band, with Alex McCollum of Stagbriar firmly in the group playing second guitar. He’s an outstanding fit stylistically and also adds to the band vocally. They played several new songs, each standing out wanting to be heard again in some recorded version. Frontman Dylan Dickerson did mention that they’d be taking time off after this show to focus on recording and writing.

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