Watch Babe Club Perform “Hate Myself” and “On the Other Side”

Savannah Stopover
Saturday March 9, 2019 10:30pm – 11:30pm
Club One (Over 21) 1 Jefferson St, Savannah, GA 31401, USA

In September of 2018 at Jam Room Music Festival in Columbia, Babe Club core members Jenna Desmond and Corey Campbell told me they were leaving Susto to focus more on their band and spend more time at home. At first it was a tough pill to swallow, but as time has passed it all started to make more sense.

Over the past five months they’ve immersed themselves back into the South Carolina music scene, staying busy non-stop working on their own music, playing shows, recording a handful of Charleston bands, and working on several movie scores. With only one song officially released in “Hate Myself”, they’ve quickly gained a local following and enough attention to record their record at Big Trouble Recording in Atlanta with Dan Gleason and TJ Elias.

With anticipation for their debut release high and a bright future ahead, this is the perfect time to see them live.

What’s been going on in the Babe Club world now that you’ve got to settle back in and not be on and off the road with Susto?

Corey and I are digging our selves back in to the community, making friends again, and hanging out making dinner, trying to exercise, writing new songs, recording with other people and working towards finishing our first EP/full length.

Corey scored a movie (Pop-Pop is Dead) and I wrote some songs for it, and did some arranging for a few musical pieces. We also worked with members from The High Divers, and Matt Lohan from Dyado on that.

We’ve written and produced the trailer/credits song for an independent film, “Pageant Material”, that will premiere at Atlanta Film Festival this April.

We’re working on a movie score this summer as well, for a coming of age film, called “Tanglewood.”

What’s the plan on the debut record? Have you been recording and writing?

Yes! Originally we were self producing/recording but we got the opportunity to record in Atlanta at a new studio called Big Trouble Recording. We went to record one song there two months ago, and it was a beautiful collaboration between us and Dan Gleason and TJ Elias who founded the studio. Basically our minds were blown. We’re finishing up our EP there, and recording the rest of the album there.

What do you feel like you took away most from your time in Susto that helps with Babe Club and where you are now?

I think just being connected people around the US, knowing how to get ourselves out there, and seeing a lot of different performances and musicians play over the years has contributed greatly to our growth and process.

In addition to Babe Club you seem really involved when it comes to writing and recording with other bands. What is some of the stuff you’ve been working on or contributing to lately?

Corey has been producing some music with Late Night TV, Zoe Child. We both worked briefly with Becca Leigh and Jamie Gray, and can’t wait to work with them again.

What will the lineup be like for Saturday’s show at Stopover?

We’ll be playing as a four piece, with the miracle man, Brett Nash, on bass, and Jake Dangles aka Julius DeAngelis, the drummer from The High Divers.

What’s on the horizon for Babe Club shows wise, news wise, or on the new music front?

News wise, look out for Babe Club’s spokeswoman, Charice Fairweather. Some new tour dates, film scores, and some new music coming soon.

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