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New Music: Kelley McLachlan-Steady Hands

New Music: Kelley McLachlan-Steady Hands
Photo by Perrin Skinner

Over the last few years Kelley McLachlan’s lended vocals to a few of our Papa Jazz sessions in addition to her performing with her projects Boomtown Waifs, Post Timey String Band, and The Prairie Willows. At times her voice can be powerful, sometimes fun and quirky, and others blend in delicately all the while unique enough to stand-out amongst the rest.

Her debut single “Steady Hands” is the first from her upcoming record Misty Valley due out next Friday, May 31. McLachlan’s voice shines on top of the opening guitar riff and strings layered below during the opening of “Steady Hands”.  In the first minute of the song alone you hear the breadth of ability her voice has, effortlessly floating through notes at times and then going into overdrive as the band crashes in.

“Steady Hands” showcases a lot of what the album has to offer. Misty Valley features “vulnerable folk songs about relationships, dualities, and the search for peace during uncertain times.” The album is loaded with talented players with McLachlan joined by joined by Idris Chandler, Ethan Fogus, Kristen Harris (The Boomtown Waifs), Steven Harrod & Branhan Lowther (both of Slim Pickens), Mario McLean, Steve Nuzum, Brodie Porterfield, and Sean Thomson. As heard in the first single here, the arrangements bring McLachlan’s songs to life, with dynamic guitars, piano, strings, and more.

McLachlan celebrates the releases of her new album Saturday, June 1, at Blue Moon Ballroom with support from The Restoration and midimarc.

More info at Kelley McLachlan’s Album Release Party