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Everybody’s Got Nipples 2 – Join The Big Sleepover

Everybody’s Got Nipples 2 – Join The Big Sleepover
Everybody's Got Nipples 2
Graphics are by Meghan O’Connell

It is a truth universally acknowledged that four young women involved in the Charleston music scene must be putting together a celebration of local music called Everybody’s Got Nipples 2.

The three-day festival kicks off this evening with performances by Briston Maroney, Shane T, Tom Angst, John Bias, and Wallpaper. Over the course of the weekend, attendees will be able to see some 17 musical artists and six visual artists. The rest of the lineup includes artists like Gardeners, Apricot Blush, Cry Baby, Nordista Freeze, Late Nigh Laundry, Future Crib, and Abstract.

I recently had the opportunity to talk to Meghan O’Connell and Mia Al-Taher of Beware of Dog Productions – the collective organizing the festival – about the festival and the history of Beware of Dog.

Beware of Dog Productions
Photo by Taylor Czerwinski

Beware of Dog Productions began humbly in October of 2018 when the founding members joked about starting a fake band in the back of a minivan. Today the collaborative platform is headed by O’Connell, Al-Taher, Caroline Poe, and Jamie Gray, the latter of whom is also one of this weekend’s performers.

The festival’s first iteration under the same name (minus the 2) came from an idea conceived by O’Connell and musical artist Briston Maroney. The idea was to create a space where people whose paths may not normally intersect could come together and bond over a weekend of music and art.

O’Connell points out, “Everyone has nipples; can we just chill out? We’re all just people.”

Everybody’s Got Nipples Year 1 was held in O’Connell’s living room, and attendees wearing string wristbands watched bands such as Midnight Endeavor, Caroline White, Butterfly, and Briston Maroney, who performed each night. O’Connell and Al-Taher both agreed that the first year set the tone for what they wanted Everybody’s Got Nipples 2 to be about.

“We were all packed into my living room, and a lot of the artists were sleeping over there too,” O’Connell says, “One person gave me a stick-and-poke [tattoo] of “egn” from my couch, and I really want them to add two tally marks next to it for Everybody’s Got Nipples 2 this year, and a third and so on for however long we keep putting this on.”

This year, though, the gathering will not be in a living room but in a warehouse, though finding out exactly which one follows the same rules as attending a house show; the address must be asked for if you plan on getting your tickets at the show. Tickets for each night are $20, $22, and $20 again, but the weekend pass is a mere $30.

“We’re really encouraging people to get the weekend pass. It’s a really good deal for how many amazing, local artists you get to see,” Al-Taher says.

“Get the weekend pass! Quit your job!” O’Connell jokes, then adds, “We really believe in [these artists] so hard. We work with people we believe in and trust. We want everyone to feel safe. We don’t tolerate sexual assault, uncomfortable aggression, or discrimination.”

“We’re going to wear suits and be security,” Al-Taher says.

The artists that the girls are most excited to see are Future Crib, Shane T, Abstract, Late Night Laundry, Babe Club, and Apricot Blush, although both has a hard time picking just a few from the lineup.

When asked which artists they’d like to see participate in future EGNs, they added Snail Mail, The Criticals, Love You Later, Benny Starr, Niecy Blues, and Daddy’s Beemer, who will also be playing with Tom Angst this weekend.

O’Connell tells people, “Bring your nipples! If you don’t have nipples, come anyway.”

“Are you ready for the big sleepover?” asks Al-Taher.

If you don’t already have your tickets to “the big sleepover,” now is the time to get them! You can visit the Beware of Dog Instagram page for more information on how and where to buy them. We’ll see you at the show!

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