“Transitions Wave” comes at you quick. The track takes off with a sparkle and groove, as Wolfgang Zimmerman’s vocals make their way into the fold giving a chronological reminiscent glimpse of his early Charleston years.

If the lyrics don’t tug a bit at some nostalgia, the way the track came together will. It’s the first song Dylan Dawkins of Persona La Ave shared with Zimmerman one of the first times they met. After a few sessions crafting Invisible Low End Power songs, Dawkins sent over the track for Zimmerman to write vocals.

“I just wrapped a week of recording bands and came up with the vocals on my way out the door. At the time my partner and I were living in an apartment downtown and I was dancing by myself in the front yard, she came out thinking I was crazy as hell… and she wasn’t wrong” writes Zimmerman. From there they played it a few times live and added those elements to the recording.

The following summer a friendship with D Money and his project Ray Deezy spurred the collaboration, adding background vocals to multiple tracks. On “Transitions Wave” you hear D Money backing Zimmerman with echos, harmonies prior to the bridge where he shines. Check that at the 2:18 mark.

“Transitions Wave” will appear on Invisible Low End Power’s debut album AAA Space Prints.