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“Deely Stan” By Canopy Hands

“Deely Stan” By Canopy Hands

First released in the form of a slower demo version on a mixtape under the project Tom Dork, “Deely Stan” is the first new song from Canopy Hands since 2019.

Mixed and produced by Thomas Hickman, “Deely Stan” is a hybrid creation, some created in his bedroom and then completed at Wunderhaus Studio in Myrtle Beach.

I’ve had a few friends share their enjoyment for the Steely Dan wordplay, but of course there’s more to it than just a fun title. While exploring unique chords and voicings typically found in Steely Dan songs, Hickman came upon the chord progression heard in the intro of the song. From there the song kept building with house-inspired drums and synths giving it more of a Canopy Hands feel.

While the Canopy Hands live lineup is in a state of flux, the band has plans for the release of an EP and potentially another EP recorded and improvised live.


-Production Credits
All instruments performed by Thomas Hickman with the exception of piano performed by José Rangel
All vocals performed by Thomas Hickman
Mixed and produced by Thomas Hickman in my bedroom and at the Wunderhaus Studio in Myrtle Beach, SC