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“Fluff” By KTG

“Fluff” By KTG

Created around a looped guitar track, the debut track “Fluff” from KTG is one of three tracks off their latest EP.

With production from Dead Swell’s Luke Reeves and Paul Nederostek, the track builds slowly before exploding into a synthed based chorus. The track utilizes Katie Gandy’s vocals as the bed of instruments, the whole track sparkling as it ebbs and flows from head bobbing verses into “Fluffs” memorable chorus and bouncing outro.

Thought this is one of Gandy’s first releases under the KTG moniker, she began her musical journey at age 14. Now she’s involved with several projects including Paisley and the Birdwalkers (bass guitar), and OUTEREGO (vocals).

Production: Luke Reeves, Paul Nederostek
Auxiliary Percussion, Synth, Guitar, Bass: Katie Gandy, Luke Reeves, Paul Nederostek
Vocals: Katie Gandy